Hello to you all. It has been far too long since we have updated the website. Happy New Year!!
To give you a brief run down of things, during summer 2012 the co founder of Dead Meat moved away and we have been working on separate projects since. But we are teaming up once more to begn writing on a new project and Dead Meat will be back on the road once more!
Since summer I have been writing my own material and have completed two new one act plays and I am currently working on a third with my very good Friend Matthew Clift from Whole Hog Productions.
Talking of Whole Hog, I made my second appearance with them in July last year with a new play written by the creative team of Matthew and the very talented Becky Cann. The play was called 'Funny Ha Ha' and it was about two clowns thinking of ending it all and the relationship they form whilst making some tough decisions.
The play was very well received and we will be touring it to several festivals between April and June this year.
Also appearing at the Swindon one act play festival in April (along with Funny Ha Ha) will be one of my new plays, 'Wetwork', I will be making another blog soon with details about the play along with a couple of pics once we begin rehearsing in February. Myself and Owen are playing the leads but the performance is under Whole Hog Productions. They can't get rid of us now!
I will be making regular updates to the website and informing you of all the projects we have lined up for 2013! Bye for now!